Card of the day 1

it is again the last week of the month an my time to be your card captain.
I found an awesome embossingfolder by spellbinders and I made this card

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Heidi
    Apr 25, 2016 @ 12:35:33

    Gorgeous! Love the folder and love how you did the golds!


  2. Star
    Apr 26, 2016 @ 15:01:26

    Thanks for great inspiration I love this piece.

    With Golden Song By Star Blossom
    With golden song the queen of birds does sings,
    whispering its captivating song.
    Whispering, as ear canals open
    and waves wash in.

    She sings weaving with light
    to fill the flowers with a filigree glow.
    She sings, to celebrate, as flowers flourish
    and peace does linger.

    She sings as many a breath be taken
    so all can see the magic of love.
    So all can open ears to hear sweet melodies
    to caress the heart.

    Just cast the eyes and see the beauty present.
    Just open ears to dance within the new born sun.

    The time is right
    as songs unleashed now hides the dark.
    The playgrounds here, to climb and feel its florissant tune
    that tickles inside ears.
    The queen of bird does anoint with song
    and then floodgates of notes do flow

    The bird does call
    awakening the many to sing along
    and live inside of peace.

    Live inside of peace.


    • hermaf
      Apr 26, 2016 @ 15:33:22

      Thank you so much Star for your poems!

      Since 3 weeks I am not so often online …. I fell in love with an old friend from school! We know each other nearly 55 years but 3 weeks ago he called me for a scholl reunion and a few days later he came from Germany to the Netherlands and we are both so happy …. seniors in love!


      In these albums you’ll find some of my creations In deze albums vind je een greep uit mijn creaties In diesen Alben sind ein Teil meiner Kreationen

      2016-04-26 16:01 GMT+02:00 Herma’s creations :



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