Encaustic card

For this card I used a scrap of an Encaustic painting


card of the day 5

Time flies, it is again friday and for this time it is my last card.
It is done with the Encaustic stylus pen and framed by Michael Strong’s Cloisonne Nesting Squares stamp.

Fantasy with wax and shellac

This encaustic painting is done on a 50 x 60cm canvas.



Happy accident

Here is an Encaustic painting with golden shellac. Accidentally a piece of tissue took place on it while I was working with the heat gun. It became immediately saturated with wax and so I covered the unexpected eye catcher with golden shellac.


Card of the day 5

This was my card captain week for september.
My card for today is again an encaustic card with embossed stamps.

Card of the day 3

Also today I show you an encaustic card with stamps.



Card of the day 2

For today I used encaustic leftovers to make a woven card, decorated with an
On green linen cardstock it is embedded in a wooden frame.

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