Card of the day_5

time flies, this is my last project for this week for the Michael Strong group, a small coffeetray.
It is a “happy accident”. My candlebox is broken and I used the lid to make this tray!
cotd_5_coffee tray



Card of the day_4

I added well some red apples to the colorcombination of this week 😉 Here is my Thanksgiving cardfor the Michael Strong group.

Card of the day_3

the background of my card of today for the Michael Strong group is done with alkohol ink.
If you like it you can download the background.

Card of the day_2

Here is my second card for this week for the Michael Strong group.



Card of the day_1

It is again my turn to be card captain for this week for the Michael Strong group and here is my card for today which is also my entrie to the Michael Strong november challenge

cotd_1_november challenge

Card of the day_Friday

My last card for this time for the Michael Strong group. A tag for a misty, rainy, cold and dark november day.



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