Card of the day 5

Several years ago I started the “card of the day” for the Michael Strong Group and now I do the last week of the “card of the day”.
I show no new cards but a journey through my december cards of the last years.
This card with candle is from december 2012

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  1. Star
    Dec 15, 2017 @ 14:10:49

    Many thanks for inspiring me. A gift you are.
    Candle Red By Star Goddess

    I light a Christmas candle now,
    and fill it with a wish.
    I wish that all can open hearts,
    and swim like fish with bliss.

    It swims graceful with no problems.
    It swims in wave currents,
    And as it moves in sea of blue,
    I send it out a kiss.

    My kiss is filled with gratitude
    cause fish in sea does glow.
    Christmas time Gods in all hearts,
    to feel peace that I know.

    So red candle burn bright this day.
    Burn to send love to all.
    Wish you Merry Christmas friend,
    do hear it and stand tall.


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