Card of the day 4/Technique Thursday

Several years ago I started the “card of the day” for the Michael Strong Group and now I do the last week of the “card of the day”.
I show no new cards but a journey through my december cards of the last years.
Today is thursday and technique-day.
I showed this technique already in december 2011
4-11_How to make an Origami Leaf Card

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  1. Star
    Dec 14, 2017 @ 20:56:29

    Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the world. I feel blessed. Your work always inspires me to write. Thanks. Star Blossem Goddess

    Green palm tree,
    waved in winds energetic field.
    It tickled senses,
    as fan of leaves danced.

    I walked below
    celebrating the moment.
    I with deep breath felt
    peaceful as I looked at golden sky.

    I stood in awe commemorating
    my own heartbeat.
    Dancing to birds song
    feeling like my own star of Divinity.

    When stars of night shined
    they too echoed their light brightly
    upon my shield of self.

    A grand feeling ensued,
    knowing I would be like ALL,
    a shinning star gracing this world.

    Knowing we are all one on journeys
    to enhance OUR SOUL’S
    and all life on Earth.


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