Card of the day 2

Several years ago I started the “card of the day” for the Michael Strong Group and now I do the last week of the “card of the day”.
I show no new cards but a journey through my december cards of the last years.
This one I made in 2010
2-MS CotD_16-12-10_3

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  1. Star
    Dec 12, 2017 @ 15:31:49

    Thank you Herma for sharing your creative gifts with the world. Enclosed is a poem your work inspired. Have a grand day.

    Tree By Star Blossom Goddess

    Tree with your luminous glow
    come sit behind eyes
    I gaze at thee in this holiday season,
    pondering your divine form
    feeling wind blow
    visualizing a star bright
    upon top.

    Tree sacred tree so tall and regal
    like a master for those who gather.
    I deeply breath I do to rest
    inside your energy field grand.
    connecting to your life force
    Grateful, as I walk on land.


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