Workshops ARTSpecially Event 2017

The second workshop was given by Geralda, Bistre with water and alcohol.

ASE2017_Workshop Geralda

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  1. Star Goddess
    Apr 03, 2017 @ 14:53:22

    Hi Herma, Sending you love and light. Love your work. It always inspires me. Star

    Raindrops By Star Blossem

    Raindrops fell from grey sky. They fell graceful with purpose, to help the grass grow. To cleanse those who walk. To wash the wings of birds, and feed the rivers tickling fish.

    Raindrops fell from artists hands. They fell preciously with talent, to help all see a masterpiece. To show how bistre and alcohol works. To inspire others to follow in their quest to be creative and live in heart.

    The raindrops fell anointing ground They fell divinely with goal, to give all chance to stop. To aid the flowers to bud in beauty. To bond with wind to paint a scene, and call for sun to return.

    And soon the sun came to warm yes all. All, who were ready to celebrate its presence.



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