Card of the day 1

This week I am again card captain for the Michael Strong group and let’s begin with a spooky Halloween card

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  1. Star
    Oct 31, 2016 @ 20:36:12

    Inspired by picture. Thanks for sharing your talent. Happy Halloween. Star

    A Halloween Poem By Star Blossom

    A Halloween poem I will write,
    whispering oh so slow.
    Reaching through spider webs,
    to where I do not know.

    A skeleton lurks in the dark,
    I will not move near thee.
    And if I move running fast,
    perhaps it will not see.

    See as I move on tip toes,
    with orange birds in sight.
    I now bow inside the night,
    to move yes without fright.

    Fright I do have so contained
    inside of love and peace.
    as I send the soul real love,
    my worries are released.

    Now he rides along on bike,
    inside a grave yard scene.
    I think he released a smile,
    perhaps next he will sing.


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