Card of the day 4/Technique Thursday

It is again technique day!
After years I used my spin & splash machine.
here is a video I found.
 My spin & splash card and some samples
cotd_4_31-03-2016 Technique Thursday card
cotd_4_31-03-2016 Technique Thursday

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  1. Star
    Mar 31, 2016 @ 13:21:49

    YOU are such a gift. Thank you for sharing. I bow to your greatness and get great pleasure from the art work I bought from you. Here is the poem that you inspired.
    Spin A Sight By Star Blossom

    Spin, I spin in light of day,
    upon a sheet so white.
    As I stamp away with ease
    I make an awesome sight.

    I take the color blue to let,
    the art evolve I say.
    Creation will be finished soon,
    to show the world this day

    I love to let machine decide,
    how the colors form.
    And then I go to stamp gently,
    with art you can’t do wrong.

    I sing and draft a pretty sight,
    my gift it makes me free.
    You can make one too as well,
    so do begin and see.

    See how with a single stamp,
    to highlight what did spin,
    makes a piece of work so fine,
    to feel great peace within.


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